I am a Songwriter and Artist living in Norway. I create Dance/Pop Music with tropical Polynesian influences.
I consider my self just a local girl from Maui, Hawaii, but my life story has taken me far from the local Hawaiian scene. After one year of college education I stopped my studies to become a flight attendant, but after seeing the world I decided to further my education at the University of Hawaii. My education was short lived after winning a local beauty pageant, which offered me an opportunity to become a model in Japan.

My exotic ancestral background of French-Polynesian, Afro-American, and Native American Indian was well received by the Japanese society. My modelling tours in Japan lead to unique opportunities including singing. My ability to speak Japanese, which is the second language of Hawaii, allowed me to also become an actress for motion picture and television.  It was a great experience!
The best was yet to come when the "love bug bit" I fell in love with a Norwegian man. My career in Norway hence began. It was an exciting roller coaster ride highlighted by a singing performance with the Kings Guard, and Atomic Sports in Lillehammer during 1994 Winter Olympics where I meet on the very day he won his Gold Medal for Down Hill Racing Mr.Lasse Kjuus.