1 hour show with 3 Dancers total Kr.12.000
1 hour show with 4 Dancers total Kr.15.000
1 hour show with 5 Dancers total Kr.17.000
1 hour show with 6 Dancers total Kr.20.000

With no additional charge the show can be offered with a traditional
(mini welcome presentation performance) at time of the guest arrival,
which includes giving flowers leis from Hawaii to your guest.
Cost of the flower leis will be an extra charge of 25 kroner each.
Costume changes and an authentic Hula class are included wiht every show.
A photo shoot with the Dancers is also offered during the event.
Appropriate Polynesian music at your request is played throughout the event,
and we can provide you with our DJ for an additional fee.
Visual support during our performance, of Hawaii and (us in Hawaii)is shown on CD or DVD for all events at no extra charge.