The Waikiki Aloha Show can be tailored to your special needs, including the number of dancers.
The show is basically a Hawaiian style pop song and dance musical and is breathtaking as the beautiful dancers in dramatic traditional costumes dance to the distance drums of South Sea Tahiti.

Full of high energy, exciting, funny and romantic. Your dreams come true, as you receive flower leis direct from Hawaii, take pictures with the exotic dancers and learn first hand, how to hula. “The heart of Hawaiian Culture”. Tahitian Hula Dancing as seen in Tahiti is also a high -light in the show. I have visual support of Hawaii I can present during my show. You can also see a music video in the music and video section.

I welcome the chance to entertain your guest as we have the only Polynesian Musical in Scandinavia.     We make your guests happy, and it is funny when they join us on stage for a Hula class! It is dream of a life time for most people to visit Hawaii so we give them a show they will never forget when we bring the Aloha Spirit!